Top European travel destinations during Winter

Winter is coming. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Europe has plenty wonderful cities, but some of them make an even greater scene when temperatures go down and snowy clouds appear in the sky. These are our favourite Winter travel destinations around Europe!

Top European travel destinations during Winter

The obvious ones

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Nyhavn harbour

Copenhagen surprised us with romantic walkways by the water, wonderful architecture and some of the quietest areas in a country’s capital we have ever visited. The Tivoli amusement park is a unique experience, especially in the evening!

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the cities we visited more than we can count, and there is a good reason for that! The refined mix of art, design and fashion is all around you and being enclosed by water, the different areas offer beautiful scenes.

The cold can be brutal if you’re not used to it, but the frozen rivers and snowy views make a wonderful setting to wander around.

London, UK

London has a certain vibe that we enjoy a lot, regardless of the season we visit.

London Trafalgar Square

With great museums, beautiful landmarks, a mixture of different neighbourhoods and unlimited shopping opportunities, Winter can’t hurt London’s popularity!

The Christmas vibes

Cologne, Germany

Cologne evening view

Nowhere is Christmas more present than in German cities. Christmas markets rise all over the country, and the one in Cologne is definitely worth a visit! Apart from all the stalls selling Christmas-themed food, drinks and other products, there is plenty more to see.

The Dom, Cologne’s cathedral, is probably its most famous landmark, but there are many other fun and vibrant districts around!

Budapest, Hungary

Fairytale Christmas markets and ice-skating opportunities aside, Budapest puts pride in decorating its already beautiful city to make it even cosier!  Visit the beautifully lit Christmas fairs at night and you’ll know what I mean!

If you want to escape the Christmas madness for a few hours, the city’s many museums will provide you with some excellent options. Our favourite: the beautiful opera house!

Vienna, Austria

Honestly: we never visited Vienna in another season than Winter. It’s a city we unmistakenly link to frosty temperatures while being all wrapped up in our warmest clothes, only taking our Winter gloves off to drink some mulled wine or to eat a bratwurst.

Despite the beautiful palaces, churches and other landmarks, we simply enjoy strolling the streets and experiencing the unique Viennese Christmas spirit.

The mild climate

Athens, Greece

When you don’t like large crowds or big queues to visit famous heritage, there is no better time to visit Athens than during Winter. Moderate temperatures, low prices and a stressless Acropolis visit await you!

Rome, Italy

Another city that provides ample cultural opportunities is the beautiful city of Rome. Explore the famous Colosseum and Trevi Fountain without the crowds.

Rome sunset

Even when the temperature drops, there are plenty of great museums and iconic buildings to visit! You might skip the gelato due to the weather, but at least it won’t take you hours to get to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel!

Seville, Spain

Located in Spain’s southern Andalucia region, temperatures during Winter are one of the mildest ones in Europe. On top of that, accommodations are usually quite cheap, making it an ideal location if you just can’t miss those delicious tapas!