Why we always avoid public transport

When we visit all these European cities, we want to do things as efficient as possible, losing as little of our precious time as possible. Still, we do everything on foot, skipping as much of the public transport as we can.

This results in very active trips where we walk between 10 and 16km a day. On some trips, we even beat the 20km mark! But why do we exhaust ourselves when we can save time and energy taking a bus?

Why we always avoid public transport

As we already mentioned in our list of travel rules, most European cities aren’t that big. A few exceptions aside such as Paris and London, we try to limit using public transport in any other city to an absolute minimum.

Of course, traveling from the airport to the city centre and back is usually a no-brainer. Most large cities have well connected train or metro lines to the closest airports. These are usually the most affordable options as well as the most time efficient ones since you won’t get caught up in the busy city traffic.

But this mandatory route aside, there is usually little reason to take a bus, tram or underground railway to visit that famous attraction you are dying to see. There a number of reasons why we prefer walking!

Location, location location

We always make sure our hotel is located in the city centre, near to the main attractions we want to visit. This does not mean you must pick a room in an expensive hotel chain which you found on that popular booking website.

For example, after some research we managed to spent the weekend in Rome staying next to the Colosseum. The hotel was small and limited in its services, but for under 200 euros we got ourselves a perfectly fine room! At an awesome location!

Apart from the huge time saver of not having to travel to the city centre in the morning, this also means that we can reach most of the city’s highlights within walking distance!

Leave your wallet in your pocket

Most European cities have an extended network of bus and tram lines and even underground railway services. This comes with a price though, and even those hop-on/hop-off busses don’t come cheap.

London tube expensive

Instead, walk and by the end of the weekend you can treat your beloved one and yourself with a nice diner to close that romantic weekend trip! Or well, a cocktail, at the least!

Discover something unexpected

We have countless of memories to places we discovered just by walking the shortest route from one location to another. From great parks or wonderful sights to a delicious gelato place, we would have missed it all!

Even getting lost becomes fun! At least, if you realize you’re going in the wrong direction quick enough. If you have a missing sense of navigation like myself and you wander off in the wrong direction for 2km, your counterpart might get a slightly grumpy attitude on the way back.

What better way to get fit

What better way to get fit than walking around a new city! All those extra walks will give you a nice fat-burning bonus so you don’t have to feel sorry anymore for eating that pancake at breakfast! You even get back home fitter than you left!

And if you feel like you need a rest, just find yourself a spot around a park or recharge yourself in a nearby coffee bar!

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