Why we visit London at least once a year

If you would ask us about our favourite European city, I’m not sure if we can name just one. However, London would be in our top three for sure. Calling it the greatest city in Europe might be a strong statement – we don’t want to offend those Paris-fans – but there is a reason we visit London at least once a year!

Why we visit London at least once a year

I remember my first trip to London like it was yesterday. I jumped on the Eurostar train and had no clue what to expect. Traveling with friends who were familiar with the city, I just followed their steps. I did not regret.

Less than half a year later, I visited London again with Tinne and she, fortunately, confirmed my strong feelings for this beautiful city!

London Trafalgar Square

Numerous visits later we have a pretty good idea what London is all about. Recalling all those moments in and around London, we summarized what it is that keeps making us going back!

The London vibe

We love to walk the city, visit the parks and stroll along the river. Despite the crowds at some moments, there is this unique vibe that is all around. Regardless of the weather, the season or the time of day, the feeling you get around the city is truly unique.

The greatest neighbourhoods

London’s versatility is unlike any other European city we visited. Colourful Camden, posh Mayfair, alternative Shoreditch, trendy Soho or historic Westminster, pick your favourite!

Tuning our day the way we feel like and being able to go from one area to a totally different one is another thing we gratefully appreciate. The way how all these different areas merge into a larger whole only adds up to the great points this city has to offer.

Endless activities

Numerous things to do

Its list of museums is impressive and so varied that everybody finds something to their liking. If you’re not into the museum-thing, I’m sure you find something else to do along the many theatres, open-air markets, galleries and year-round events.

I still have to meet the first person who gets bored in London!

Monument extravaganza

London Bridge

There are few cities in Europe with so many recognizable landmarks as London. Whether you walk around Big Ben, London Bridge, Trafalgar Square or the modern London Eye, the city’s history surrounds you wherever you go.

For us, these sights never get boring, even after having seen them numerous times!

Top food, cosy drinks

With pubs on every corner, food stands wherever you go and quirky restaurants all around, you won’t easily fall short of fuel! Regardless of your taste, we have never had a bad eating experience when in London! We do check a few apps to verify other’s experiences though!

London Lower Food Market

The spicy story

Nowhere do we find a more varied choice of world cuisines than in London! With food from all over the world, we love to explore new flavours! But it wasn’t always like that…

The story of my first Indian restaurant is one my friends still talk about. Despite not being into spicy food, we entered an Indian restaurant during my first trip to London. When my friends asked me if this was ok with me, I was so into exploring all these new experiences, that I decided to give it a try!

I had no idea what to order and by the time the waiter took our orders, I randomly pointed something on the menu and added: “not spicy?”. The waiter immediately responded with a firm “no no, not spicy!”. I was reassured.

What followed was a unique experience where I discovered flavours and feelings I did not experience before. I probably sweated more than during a sauna visit. I would exaggerate saying my mouth was numb for the rest of the trip, but it sure left some footprints!

Regardless, I started loving the Indian kitchen and it is now among my favourite cuisines!

Pubs or rooftop bars?

London rooftop bar

London’s vivid nightlife aside, we love the true British pub experience. Sure, you can get some afternoon tea! But nothing as authentic as walking into a pub on a Sunday afternoon, ordering a pint and watching some Premier League football on the television screens! Referee rants and team chants included!

For your special evening experience, you just have to pick one of the numerous rooftop bars around the city. Our favourite one is the OXO Tower bar, where both cocktails and food are exquisite!

What about the weather?

And this is the best thing! Yes, London can be rainy. And when I say rainy, I mean the pouring kind! But thanks to all these great things to do, even a rainy day can be great!

Start the day with the Victoria & Albert Museum, continue to Harrods and end the day at a theatre. I’m sure you will end the day satisfied!