Top 5 affordable city trip destinations for 2017

Already thinking about the next trip you will take? Looking for inspiration on your 2017 city trip destinations? Tired of those classic Paris, London or Rome destinations? We got you covered! In this post we gathered 5 of our favourite affordable city trip destinations that you might have not yet considered… And more important: that won’t hurt your wallet too much!

Without further ado, here are our five original and affordable city trip destinations for 2017.

48stops - 5 original citytrip destinations for 2017

1. Hamburg

Hamburg is big and upcoming! Offering something for everyone, it is easily accessible, offers great public transport and is so much more than that big harbour!

Explore the different neighbourhoods that all have their own unique appeal or visit the many original stores and shops in this vibrant city. Take a tour along the waterways or chill in the park to escape the city life.

Furthermore, Hamburg has a very exciting nightlife and what better way to get in the mood than visiting one of the authentic brewpubs offering on-site brewed beer.

Hamburg is hipster paradise so expect many trendy hotspots. Make sure to visit the port though, as it is quite impressive to walk around.

2. Budapest

The architectural beauty of Hungary’s capital is one that should be witnessed in person. Nature’s touch provides an exceptional setting with the Danube river splitting the city in half. While the beautiful views from the bridges add a romantic touch, its unique personality is one of cultural and historical enrichment.

Get amazed by the sophisticated Hungarian cuisine – which is much more than goulash alone – and their excellent wines. As a plus, let the low currency encourage you to take that extra course!

Don’t forget to relax in one of the many thermal baths, as Budapest is known as “the city of spas” thanks to Roman times.

3. Manchester

Manchester once was an industrial city and the largest centre of manufacturing in the world. Today, the once so busy factories and warehouses are taken up with shops, bars and restaurants.

As a result, there is a stunning mix of old and modern architecture, often combined with some street art. All of these elements result in a unique atmosphere where history and future go hand in hand.

Visit the many historic museums or explore the BBC North and ITV studios. If you are lucky to visit on a match day, go see a football game of your favourite Manchester team!

4. Valencia

Forget Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia is Spain’s new gem! Combining architecture dating from the earliest centuries to the most modern design. Mixing history, modernity and beach life, this is a unique kind of city.

The city’s versatility and never disappointing weather guarantees a great experience. Explore the medieval Old Town, discover the ancient Roman and Arabic influences and stroll around the authentic El Carmen district.

Most noteworthy is the City of Arts and Sciences, a futuristic complex that houses museums, cinemas and theatres. It’s construction will blow your mind!

5. Zagreb

Zagreb might be the city you don’t expect much from. And yet, it might seduce you in a way you couldn’t predict…  Its rich history and compact city centre, the fascinating museums and excellent restaurants. There’s something that makes anyone fall in love with Croatia’s capital.

Zagreb is never really busy or crowded. As a result, this allows you to explore the city centre and its many museums at your own pace. The Museum of Broken Relationships is among our favourites. Its unique subject and approach makes it place you should not miss.

Especially interesting, make sure to catch the lamp-lighter who lits more than 200 gas lanters each night by hand!