Travel Guide: Prague in 48 hours

Prague is like an open-air museum, with beautiful new sights appearing on the turn of every street. The “golden” city is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Prague Travel Tips

Its beautiful buildings go hand-in-hand with the relaxed, joyful vibe that surrounds its streets. The city’s vibe is amazing and for once we don’t need museums and other attractions. Walking around suits us just fine!

Prague ArchitecturePrague City Statue Prague Architecture

The basics

  • Currency: Czech koruna (CZK)
  • Language: Czech
  • Airport: Václav Havel International Airport Prague

Getting to the city centre

Prague’s airport isn’t that well connected to public transport so a taxi might be a better option. Mind the taxi scams though and follow some simple rules.

We booked a driver in advance using and highly recommend their service! Their website might bring you back to the early internet era of the 90’s, for only 600 CZK or 22 EUR you got yourself a super-friendly personal driver to bring you to just about anywhere in the city centre!

Prague Charles Bridge view

Day 1

Start your day early and take tram #22 up the hill to the Prague Castle. Make sure to arrive early, as extra security measurements are in place at the castle. Since everybody is individually checked upon entering the facility, queues can become quite large.

We spoke with a few locals who all indicate this is a new measurement since a few months to make sure the president is safe. Unfortunately this results in queues up to an hour and more if you make it at a bad time!

Prague Castle

Queues aside, you could actually spend quite a few hours in the complex of the Prague Castle. Besides the impressive sights in the palaces, towers and museums, the Saint Vitus Cathedral might leave the biggest impression.

The tiny houses in the Golden Lane – one inhibited for a while by Franz Kafka – gives you a good idea on how life around the Castle was organized.

Prague Saint Vitus CathedralPrague Castle marketPrague Golden LanePrague city view

Mala Strana

When you made your way through the different buildings of the Prague Castle, walk down the hill to end up in the Mala Strana area. Being one of the oldest area’s in Prague, this gem has one of the most charming streets in the city.

Just a short walk away is the famous Lennon Wall. Once started as a symbol of student resistance against the communist regime, it is now still a symbol of love and peace. Its original Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of Beatles’ songs are long gone, but the wall is still continuously getting new inspirational messages and drawings.

Prague Mala StranaPrague Lennon Wall

Charles Bridge

Continue your walk to one of the most visited sights in Prague. Charles Bridge connects Mala Strana to Old Town and is more impressive than we ever imagined. Amazing sculptures accompany the over 500 meters of cobbles that must be conquered to reach the other side of the Vltava river.

Prague Charles Bridge Prague tourists at Charles Bridge Prague Charles Bridge at night

We walked this bridge a few times and every time is different. Whether you cross it early in the morning right when the sun is rising, late at night when everything is nicely lit or during daytime when crowds of tourist are taking turns taking photographs and getting their pictures painted, there is just always something magical about this place.

Petrin Hill

If you are into a walk, end your day at the beautiful Petrin Hill, one of Prague’s Greenest spaces. Make your way to the top of the hill and be amazed by its glorious views over the city, its wonderful gardens or – if you like it a bit more special – a miniature Eiffel Tower!

If you don’t want to climb another hill, just take a walk by the Vltava river through its different parks and lovely streets. You might even bump into some odd looking baby sculptures or weirdly twisted houses!

Prague baby sculptures Prague Dancing Houses

Music in Prague

Music is a big thing in Prague, so what better way to spend your evening than visiting a jazz bar like the Reduta Jazz Club or, if you want it a bit more special, what about the moving music stage of the Jazz Boat?

Day 2

After a wonderful night at the ICON Hotel & Lounge we made our way to Old Town to see more of the amazing architecture that is all around Prague.

Jan Palach Square

Apart from the impressive architecture that is present in the surrounding buildings, this square offers a great view on the Charles Bridge, the Prague Castle and Petrin Hill.

One of the most imposing buildings here is the Rudolfium (House of Artists), which houses the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra.

Jewish Quarter

Known as Josefov, the Jewish Quarter is another area that is packed with a remarkable history and astonishing buildings. It’s an amazing area where every house’s architecture is equally breathtaking.

Prague Jewish Quarter

Buy a ticket to visit the Jewish Museum or the Old-New Synagogue, or just explore the streets at your own likings. You can easily spend a while here, absorbing its unique atmosphere.

Old Town Square

Continue your walk towards the Old Town Square. This seems like one of the most crowded places in Prague, especially around the famous Astronomical Clock. Its beauty easily makes you forget the hordes of people though, and all the activity guarantees there is always something going on!

Prague Old Town Market ChurchPrague Old Town Square

Visit the church and walk around the square to let in all off the amazing architecture that it is surrounded with.

Astronomical Clock

This medieval astronomical clock is one of Prague’s greatest treasures. Every hour, it amazes hundreds of tourists when it chimes, showing the procession of Apostles using moving figures above the clock.

Prague Astronomical Clock

The clock is a unique masterpiece showing not only the day, position in the week, month and year, but also Central European, Babylonian and Sidereal time! Even the position of celestial bodies are shown! Granted, we had some trouble reading all of this information!

Wenceslas Square

We wandered around Old Town for a bit before heading over to Wenceslas Square. This is one of Prague’s most popular squares and holds a lot of history. The most impressive story we discovered was the one from Jan Palach (the square that holds his name is mentioned earlier in this article), who lit himself on fire to protest against the lack of freedom.

Today, the square is a big boulevard with the monumental National Museum on top. It’s an ideal base for both culture and history and with many amenities and shopping facilities nearby, there are quite some things to spend the rest of your day here!


All our Prague travel tips gathered on the map:

What we liked

  • The distinctive cobbled streets, the colourful buildings and the amazing architecture makes this a city where we wanted to spend every minute outside. We even limited the museum visits to spend more time on the streets!
  • Even late at night there is a great vibe around the city, which never made us felt unsafe!

What we disliked

  • Maybe our personal taste, but traditional Czech food was not really our favourite. Many alternatives around though!

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