About us

48stops - Kristof & Tinne

48stops is created out of the love of travelling by two 20-something lovebirds from Belgium.

We travel European cities on a monthly basis and don’t mind the occasional road trip to explore those off the beaten paths.

Who we are

Living just outside the city of Leuven, we find ourselves at a central location in Belgium to visit all the goodness of our own country, while being close enough to the airport to satisfy our travel bug.

Kristof has always loved to travel. Taking a plane was probably the most exciting part of a trip during his childhood (and maybe still is!). Today, Kristof spends a lot of time cycling (any true Belgian does!) and running and can not live without coffee and pizza (although not at the same time).

If you happen to see a lot of churches or other buildings on our pictures, blame Kristof’s fascination for architecture!

Tinne found the love of traveling a few years ago, when on a trip to London (which still is one of our favourite destinations).

Loving design and fashion, she most thankfully takes the task on finding a city’s best shopping spots.

No gelato shop is left unvisited and her love for animals makes us end up in plenty of zoo’s around Europe!

What we do

Since we both spent an important part of our lives in some of the main Belgian cities (Antwerp and Leuven), we started to appreciate a city’s practicality, vibrant lifestyle and ease of access. As a result, we love those quick weekend trips where we take a plane and find ourselves in a totally different city just a few hours later.

Living busy lives, we have to spend our time there wisely. This means a lot of research on attractions that are truly remarkable and a solid planning to see as much as we can.

We summarise our research and experiences on this blog, hoping to inspire other travellers on making the most out of a particular trip.

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