6 essential apps for during your travel

Being somewhat of tech geeks, our iPhones never leave our sight. Over the years, they have become our loyal travelling companions. And for a good reason!

6 essential apps for travel

Besides their compact size and light weight, they have all the technology we need to make stunning photos, research the best bars and restaurants and keep in touch with our family and friends back home.

But they also serve many other purposes to us! We are always on the lookout for the greatest, newest apps that can extend our devices with useful or practical travelling functionality.

This list summarizes the apps we use most on our travels.

Disclaimer: since we are iPhone users our experience with the Android versions of these apps is non-existent, but we assume they work just as well!

Google Maps

This one is by far our most used app when abroad. Google Maps is simple to use, has impressive 3D-views as well as accurate turn-by-turn navigation, if you should require that.

Travel Apps - Google Maps Travel Apps - Google Maps

We still prefer to choose our own path though, but it’s good to have a visual on where we’re going! As you know, I tend to get lost easily when exploring a city’s highlights.

With its recent addition to make areas available offline, we basically walk around with the map open wherever we are. Just make sure to download the map when you’re on a Wifi network! Oh, and make sure to bring your battery pack along if you do!

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Google Trips

We’re not promoting Google here, they just happen to have a lot of handy tools that really suit us! Google Trips is another one and especially useful if you use a Gmail account for all your reservations.

Travel Apps - Google Trips Travel Apps - Google Trips

If I could use only one app during our trips, this one would be it. Serving as a personal travel assistant, it keeps track of all flight and accommodation reservations without having to do a single thing (it just picks it up from your mailbox) and provides an overview of popular things to do, where to eat and drink, how to get around and what you should know about your destination.

It even provides full day plans!

If you don’t use Gmail, TripIt might be a solution for you. While its functionality is similar, it also allows to connect to more email accounts than the Google one.

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Xe Currency

If you find yourself in a country with a different currency than the one you are used to, it might be really useful having a converting tool with you. Even when traveling around Europe (where most countries use the Euro currency) we use this app all the time – for example on our frequent London trips.

Travel Apps - XE Currency Travel Apps - XE Currency

Xe Currency stores the last updated rates of any currency you select so it is available offline whenever you need it. It’s simple interface allows to easily convert to up to 10 currencies at once!

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Google Translate

Languages don’t have to be a barrier with the Translate app installed. Write, type or speak into the app and you get instant translations. You could even take a picture of some writings and choose the section you would like to have translated!

Travel Apps - Google Translate Travel Apps - Google Translate

As with Google Maps, Translate allows you to download a language, avoiding those expensive roaming costs!

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Remember those paper pocket guides and city guidebooks you had to carry around? Forget about those, Triposo will collect the same kind of content from various sources and provide it in an attractive offline guide.

Travel Apps - Triposo Travel Apps - Triposo

Triposo provides practical information on your destination, things to see and do, a handy map, weather forecasts and even a currency converter! It’s sometimes hard not to get overloaded with the provided information, but fortunately it’s slick interface helps out a lot!

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OneNote is more than your note-taking app. I use it all the time, whether to capture those brainstorm ideas at work or at home to keep track of my grocery list or movies I should definitely watch. But I might use it even more when traveling!

Travel Apps - OneNote Travel Apps - OneNote

See all those things we do when visiting a city? They’re all added in advance in OneNote! Those trendy shops we visit? Listed in OneNote! Addresses of cool places to eat? OneNote! Things I should not forget discussing on this blog? You’ll never guess: OneNote!

Add pictures of things you see, files you download or record an audio note. You can even make drawings if you would like to! On top of that, your notes are accessible from any device!

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Which apps are essential to you?

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