Our 5 favourite Belgian meals you have to try when visiting Belgium

It’s not all waffles and chocolate in Belgium! However Belgian cuisine might not be the richest, we do have quite a few traditional dishes that never let us down. We collected our 5 favourite Belgian meals that you should definitely try when visiting Belgium!

5 favourite Belgian meals

Flemish Carbonades

There is no dish more suitable to accompany our beloved fries and beer than stoofvlees. This slowly braised beef stew is prepared using one of our finest dark beers, however the choice usually depends on the cook’s personal favourite.

Flemish carbonades

photo by Kriss

It’s a dish we prefer on the colder days of the year, served with fries and a – preferably dark – beer. The slow cooking process makes the meat extremely tender and the sauce is perfect to dip your fries in!

Moules Frites

Walk into any Belgian restaurant and chances are high that they serve our quintessential Moules Frites, usually prepared in a variety of different ways.

Moules Frites

photo by Matt Cottam

Popular along locals and tourists, the traditional version is cooked in a casserole pot along with onions and celery and served with fries. Alternative preparations might include white wine, cream, garlic, curry or beer, however the options are endless.

Make sure to eat them in the right season though (July until April the following year), since off-season mussels often come from elsewhere and are considered not on par with the ones of the Belgian/Dutch coast.

Liège Meat Balls

While the Boulettes à la Liegeoise are mostly and foremost eaten along the area of – you will never guess – Liège, it is not the only meat balls dish we know. The Flemish usually prepare their boulets with a simple tomato sauce, but our Walloon friends have a more unique ingredient: their local pear syrup.

Liege meat balls

photo by Gunter

The sweet syrup flavour combines perfectly with the minced pork and beef and is served with – what else – frites! One of our favourites whenever we are at the Ardennes region!

Asparagus, Flemish Style

This white gold, as the white asparagus are referred to, are served all along Flanders when you time it right. Its season is short (April – June) meaning us locals try to get as much of them as possible!

This traditional yet simple dish is served with a butter sauce and finished with some parsley and chopped boiled eggs on top. The difficulty lies in preparing the asparagus themselves. They must be thoroughly cleaned and boiled to perfection since they are easily overdone.

Get them when you can, you’ll be amazed with its rich taste!

Ham & chicory gratin

One of the true Belgian cooking classics and I’m sure every Belgian has some childhood memories on this dish. The bitterness of the chicory might not be to everybody’s taste and frankly, not to ours neither. Fortunately there are many alternative versions using other vegetables that we enjoy a lot more!

Ham & chicory gratin

photo by Lance Johnson

Our favourite is the one using leek, wrapped into ham rolls and topped with a fine cheese sauce. Few minutes under the grill and the cheesy crust on top finishes it off. Me and my sister got into numerous fights over those crunchy bits and to be fair, I’m still very competitive over them!

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