10 things you always forget packing

Whether you travel a lot or just occasionally, there are always a couple of important things you tend to forget packing. We got your back and summarized 10 things you might forget when packing your bags!

10 things you always forget packing

1. Charging cables

However most charging cables are generally available, buying a new iPhone cable in an airport might cost you some additional bucks. Also, finding that very special charging cable for your compact camera might result in a long search along local electronics stores.

Also bear in mind that outlet plugs might be different, so make sure to pack an adapter if required!

2. First aid kit

Something I’m very happy about if I don’t need it, but even happier if I do and brought it along. My little blue emergency bag contains everything from pain killers to bandages and blister patches.

You don’t need to equip yourself with all ambulance supplies, but make sure to cover most inconveniences like headaches, diarrhea, nausea and the like. You’ll be thankful if you ever need them!

If you need any specific prescriptions, make sure to keep them close to you. Especially when traveling with checked-in luggage, make sure to pack your medicine in your hand luggage.

3. Ear plugs

After a very unpleasant situation with a noisy roommate a few years ago in Paris, I always pack ear plugs. Not that they would have been very useful at the time seen his snoring volume, but at least some isolation would already been useful!

Ever since, I used it occasionally in hotels with lacking sound isolation or with construction works nearby. A good night sleep is too valuable to ignore, even on holiday!

4. Sunglasses & sunscreen vs umbrella & rain gear

Check the weather forecast and make sure you pack the right things. Walking around all day in bright sunlight is not just unhealthy, it will also result in some very reddish holiday pictures!

Pack your sunscreen and while you’re at it, sunglasses are probably the most forgotten items when traveling to sunny destinations!

Things you forget packing - sunscreen

On the other hand, even in those sunny countries rain occurs. Make sure you are prepared! If a lot of rain is expected and you still want to explore the city, bring along a proper rain coat and decent, waterproof shoes.

5. Trash bags

Lightweight, doesn’t take a lot of space and most important: they can be used for so many things! Whether you want to pack your wet swimming gear from your early morning dive, your dirty shoes from your off-road hike or just your laundry, a trash bag always comes in handy!

6. Lip balm

If you are anything like us, you will recognize the bursting of your lips after only 30 minutes in the dehydrating atmosphere of an airplane cabin. Combined with cold weather or with spending too much time in the sun, your lips might dehydrate even further.

Lip balm can be a very efficient aid for such inconvenience. At least, if you don’t forget packing it!

7. Chewing gum

Probably one of the oldest tips against the discomfort of popping or painful ears during flight, is to chew gum. Especially during take-off and landing, chewing gum can help relieve the painful feeling in your ears caused by the changing air pressure.

Don't forget chewing gum airplane

Apparently any type of candy would do, as the sucking and swallowing effect is what actually proves to be helpful. What better reason to treat yourself to something sweet!

8. Nail clippers

I once split a nail at the first day of a 7-day adventure trip. Each day it split further and every contact made it more painful. After a lot of creative efforts with scissors, knifes and other kitchen tools, I finally found someone with nailclippers. I worshipped him for the rest of the week.

Ever since, I always pack nail clippers!

9. Toothpaste

For some reason we never forget our toothbrushes, however we always count on the other one to pack the toothpaste! Unfortunately the one is pretty useless without the other, so this one also ranks up high in our “do not forget” list.

10. Emergency snack

There are countless situations where an emergency snack comes in handy. Delayed flights, missed trains or long walks without nearby shops or bars, you will be pleased to have packed your favourite power bar!

Don't forget emergency snack

After all, men get really grumpy when hungry, and I’m the perfect example for that!

What do you tend to forget packing? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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10 thoughts on “10 things you always forget packing

  1. hahahahah this list is pretty much my check list nowadays, I always forget them so I already leave a list ready to check. Forgetting charging cables is my worst nightmare!!

  2. Can I add electrical adapter to this list? I remember being in Austria on a cycle tour, having forgotten my European travel adapter so I couldn’t charge my camera. It was REALLY annoying to say the least.
    I usually take band aids, blister packs and tissues with me everywhere because I tend to do a lot of walking when I’m on vacation and they come in handy.

  3. Those earplugs… Always forget them!
    Nice tip on the reusable back! Some more tips which I hope more people will start take on their travels: reusable straw, cup and waterbottle. So we can always say no to the single use plastic. I listed some ideas on my blog:)

  4. How funny. I can say I have forgotten everything on that item at least once during my travels! The biggest one, charging cables. I ALWAYS forget at least one charger and have to end up buying a new one!

  5. Haha, love it! I forgot to buy an universal adaptor for my trip to South America and I only found one in Sao Paulo (3 weeks after arriving in Brazil). Never again! I also found my sleeping mask very helpful for long bus rides.

  6. I always forget chewing gum! My ear is really painful when riding the aircraft. I don’t really bring medicine kits with me, but I will think about bringing one in the future!

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